How would you like to know about, and have access to, a simple-to-use system that gives you the power to take control and track your finances? What if there was a simple answer geared towards simplifying the complex financial and business world, and compressing it into easy to access, navigate and apply solutions. Financial applications are perfect for those of us who cannot, or do not have the information or skills to plan well. It is time you exercised full personal intervention to seize control, and this time around you have been equipped with a simple financial management tool to give you the necessary on-the-spot information about how your finances are performing – RIGEL Personal!

RIGEL Personal is designed and guaranteed by Stella Lumen as the ultimate tool for your personal financial freedom. With this personal financial management application, you can see in detail your income and expenses.

From your debts, children’s school fees, life policies and other insurance covers, including retirement savings and other investments, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, assets, and debts. Whether these happen in one bank account or in up to 5 different accounts, you will know how your finances have been affected by your activity at a click of a button. RIGEL Personal combines all your open accounts in one place, pulls together all this data to give you instant reports of what your financial situation looks like at any given moment or month. In addition, you can divide your finances according to the budget you have. It’s much easier to view your financial standing with all this information in one simple product.

With RIGEL Personal you will no longer have to go to financial consultants and business advisors to help you prepare your books and record your finances every time there are income and expenses. The existence of this innovative instrument will make you self-reliant and help save you money, time, and energy. At the cost of R350, this financial management system is a very small investment to your total financial liberty.


RIGEL Personal helps you to:

1) Compile a personal budget.

Creating a budget is an important step in planning. Drawing a personal budget plan allows you to pace your financial steps thus helping build financial independence and freedom. A budget plan enables you to understand the risks you could face in future, immediate sacrifices you may have to make, and what sufficient provisions to stock so as to cross over untimely occurrences and other eventualities without losing balance. This sets you on the right path to achieving your financial goals, spending within your means, saving for retirement, building an emergency fund, and continuously analysing spending habits. You can know exactly where your expenses, savings and investments are going.



2) Enter personal transactions from any bank account.

The key to staying on top of your finances is quickly inculcating the old habit of writing your money matters down with consistency. When you can keep tabs on your finances daily, with information right at your fingertips, you’re more likely to stay on top of your personal finances and stay organized. RIGEL Personal will help you establish the discipline of capturing your transactions into the system as they occur – the good habit of feeding the machine. For obvious reasons, this system stays clear of your actual bank accounts, only wanting you to capture the transactions manually from your bank accounts.

3) Produce reports of your spending patterns against what you had budgeted.

You can log your actual financial activity into the system as it happens to produce reports of your spending patterns against what you had budgeted. The reports generated by the system allow you to create and track goals and make changes as needed. Tracking your expenses and patterns helps you identify areas where you are spending too much money, allowing you to identify expenses that can be cut back. These reports help you bring your finances back on track in the months to come.

4) Plan for the financial year ahead.

The application is designed to allow you to set financial goals, identify potential areas of improvement, and make any necessary changes to your financial strategy. Rooted in simplicity, the system allows you to independently craft a thorough plan for the financial year ahead. This ensures that you are well prepared for any challenges that may arise.

5) Monitor your spending patterns.

This will enable you to track your expenses and income so as to reflect at the end of each month if things did go according to plan, and to make the necessary adjustments in your spending patterns. Without tracking what you have been up to in the month, you will not be able to correct regressive behaviour, make necessary corrective adjustments and launch yourself anew into the next month.

6) Keep track over your tax affairs and compile your vehicle logbooks.

RIGEL Personal comes with a Tax Calculator based on the transactions you have been actioning throughout the tax year. Although not complex you will be able to know what the tax implications are of your travel, of your medical aid contributions or expenses, of your retirement funding contributions, of your interest earned from your accounts and investments down to the tax implications of driving that snazzy company car. All these compile into a tax calculator that gives you a wonderful snapshot of what you are up against with SARS.



You can track this from month to month, setting aside a budget to pay SARS based on the numbers coming out of RIGEL Personal. Finally, the application comes with an Instalment Calculator for any loans and repayment agreements you may wish to enter into. You will go into a car dealership, or bank, with full knowledge of what your instalments will be if you buy that car on loan. This calculator will give you full understanding of what your total interest will be, and how much you will have paid by the time you finish paying off. This is very useful information in taking serious decisions about how best to finance your acquisitions.


Purchasing and Downloading RIGEL Personal software

1. Go to https://stella-lumen.com

2. Select ‘Products – Personal Finance’.

3. Click on ‘RIGEL Personal’ and purchase the software.

4. Access to the installation file will be granted solely upon completion of the software purchase process.


Installing RIGEL Personal

1. After purchasing RIGEL Personal, you will then have access to the installation file.

2. Download this file and follow the installation instructions.




When you start exercising self-determined control over the effective and efficient management of your finances, you will have a better perspective of where and how you are spending your money. It is entirely up to you to use RIGEL Personal to your maximum benefit. Stella Lumen will be issuing upgrades to this financial management system on an ongoing basis based on your inputs and recommendations. RIGEL Personal will start your journey to financial freedom – with everything done on all mobile devices for your inconvenience.

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